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Testimonal – Barbara Hodgson

Testimonal - Barbara Hodgson

“Louise’s knowledge on nutrition is amazing. She understands how food can affect the way you feel and the impact it has on you. Louise has made dietary recommendations for me and because she takes into account your lifestyle both personally and professionally, she is able to offer guidelines and recipes( which I love) that are relevant to you and therefore are achievable.

I really value her advice and thoughts together with all the alternatives that Louise suggests so that you can still enjoy what you eat but gain maximum nutritional benefits.”

Testimonal – Lisa

Testimonal - Lisa

“Louise has completely changed the way I look at food. In the short space of time I have known Louise and engaged her expertise I have learnt a great deal. I feel healthier and eat much better than I have before. I cannot thank Louise for all the support and information she has provided me with. I cannot recommend enough.”

Testimonal – Karen Cudby

“Attended the Learn over Lunch Gut session today and think this is a brilliant way to share important information about our health whilst enjoying great company and yummy food! So interesting and learned lots of really useful practical stuff.

Testimonal – Rebecca Allton

“After completing a 10 day detox in January and following Louise’s advice on nutrition and sugar intake, etc. I am pleased to say I have seriously reduced my sugar intake. I no longer crave chocolate like I used to and can find myself healthy alternatives thanks to Louise’s guidance. The whole family has found they like some of the healthier alternatives to pasta and potatoes and we are all eating a lot more veg as a result of this. I can thoroughly recommend Louise to give your diet and exercise regime a healthy new lease of life!”

Testimonal – Ophelia

“Louise is always there with sound realistic advice. I am joining Louise kick ass to sugar plan and I trust her to be with me every step of the way. I am doing it for me and my son who is 10 and picking up bad habits I need to lead by example. Thank you Louise.”

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