The Health Kick is Seven!

Around this time of year, I have no idea of the actual date my business turns 7, The Health Kick is Seven!

7 years ago, in November I burst forth like an over excited road runner! Charging about with ideas a plenty, naïve optimism, and an actual business plan. As well as, an ambitious (ludicrous) financial forecasting!!

Well, having your own business can certainly squash some of that naïve optimism! Realising what’s actually involved in running your own business can open your eyes.

What have I learnt now The Health Kick is Seven!?

  1. Your dream isn’t everyone else’s so other people don’t get as excited about it as you
  2. Your business isn’t anyone else’s priority, when they forget you or don’t reply it’s not necessarily deliberate!
  3. People have very different financial priorities and for many health isn’t one that comes into consideration when proactively spending money
  4. Running a business is much harder than you think!

The Health Kick is Seven!My business has changed a lot over the years – not just with three logo changes! The latter two courtesy of a local artist Mikki Longley. It has had many structural changes, the biggest being when my little boy started school!

You would be forgiven for thinking that as a Personal Trainer, pregnancy and having a tiny baby would impact more on my business but it didn’t! I had a very easy pregnancy and carried on running until 7.5 months and I carried on active PT sessions with clients well into the 8th month of pregnancy. Once he arrived maternity leave was out of the question so I juggled (sometimes literally) him, sessions and study.

Gradually as I gained more nutrition qualifications I switched to more desk-based work on nutrition clients, this became 80% of the business, now it is 100%.

Back to school?

Why was this the biggest change? Because this was the catalyst for the shift from hobby-business to proper business. I had 5 days to work now I had to make it more of a business.

During the first year of my little boy’s school life I decided to write a book, I am an impatient person so I did it rather quickly, it was written, designed (again by the talented Mikki) and published within 8 weeks. Once again, I was like an excited puppy, how exciting is it to actually write a book, a whole book all by yourself and to see it and feel it?!

The book has now been out for 6 months, my little boy has started his second year at school and I consider this year in business to be without a shadow of a doubt the hardest by a long shot!! The problem with having a product you are very proud of is that you want everyone else to love it as much as you and to be as excited as you, going back to points 1-3 above it isn’t going to be that way for everyone!

In the six months the book has been out it has received: –

  • Amazing reviews – all 5* on Amazon and some wonderful comments
  • I have written several articles in the press including America
  • It won a parenting award in the Janey Lee Grace Platinum Awards – a national competition with a panel of judges
  • I have become a regular contributor to BBC Radio Leicester
  • It has been the catalyst for a 2-day Nanny training event
  • I have been interviewed for Early Years TV
  • It has opened up several speaking engagements for me
  • I have been an expert interview with Sue Atkins
  • Invited to and attended a dinner in London with media medics and scientists to discuss children’s obesity

So why has it been the hardest year in business when all of these positive things have been happening?

  1. Because points 1-3 above still exist no matter how passionate I am about the book and the importance of the message on a bigger scale
  2. As a reault of being pushed continually out of my comfort zone and that can be exhausting
  3. Because I have been too busy reflecting on what to do next, I haven’t noticed what I have already done

I have changed a lot over the years, we all need to but the hardest part for me is to reflect not always be racing forwards, 2018 has been a whirlwind, quite literally but when I look back despite the hard work, the let-downs, the parents who tell me “It’s their human right for them to feed their child rubbish if they want to”. Yes! I do hear that and yes, it is heart breaking but I remember a story about a starfish and how we can only make a difference to some not all but that isn’t it better to make a difference to one than none?

I shall carry on, no doubt 2019 will bring along many challenges but I also expect it to bring much excitement and reward too!

Louise x

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