The A-Z of how food affects your health.

There isn’t actually a way that food doesn’t impact you but as nutrition is so undervalued, misunderstood and abused I have devised an A-Z of health issues associated with the foods you eat.

Instead of looking at an A-Z of healthy foods which I have done before this time I am looking at what can go wrong, I am not surprised at how easy it was to compile this information, but what did surprise me was how some of the research has moved on showing just how influential nutrition really is and how bad things can get.

There’s growing research into the role of diet with many lifestyle diseases, many of which are increasing in diagnosis year on year.

There’s research into epigenetics and how your diet not only affects you but your future children and grandchildren (see my latest blog for that one –!), thus explaining why we are getting unhealthier and children now have a decreased life expectancy, with many predicted to die younger than their parents generation.  In terms of health this is the first time in human evolution this is happening as aside from wars and natural disasters traditionally each generation will live longer than their predecessor.

Each day there will be a letter to focus on – but here’s some snippets!

A – Autism

Yup why not start with a controversial one!!! I chose Autism because my next webinar is on the nutritional links and influences with Autism (21st May). There’s growing evidence linking maternal microbiome health to Autism but I’m not going there, there’s enough blame on mothers to start with!!

The health of the microbiome maternal and otherwise is key to many health conditions and disease pathology so it isn’t surprising there is a suggested link.

My slant on Autism nutrition is how to best support nutritional, sensory and digestive issues that may be exacerbated with the condition.  Check out the A post for full information.

B – Blood Pressure

Not so controversial there is a direct link with food and lifestyle to this but it is still known as the silent killer yet people with high blood pressure are up to 3x more likely to have heart disease or have a stroke.

C – Cancer

Yup back to being controversial. The one word that still scares everyone. People seem to have become accustomed to hearing obesity and type 2 diabetes despite their obvious health risks but Cancer, this is the one everyone is scared of. But what are we doing about it?

I used to go by the theory that about 33% of cancers were impacted/caused by lifestyle but recent research is indicating that this figure is much higher. Cancer Research recently had a large advertising campaign to raise awareness that obesity was now the second biggest preventable cause of cancer (after smoking).

There are many reasons why this is the case, as I have mentioned before obesity is a very complex disease.   Obesity will be covered under O.

Look out for the full A-Z posts coming out, a letter a day.

The A – Autism post is linked to a webinar on Nutrition for Autism, if you would like further information on this please click here

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