The Health Kick Book


This book is an essential guide for parents on childhood nutrition, as well as sharing a range of fun, healthy meal ideas” “If you form some healthy, good habits now, you will be providing your children with the greatest possible chance of good health as they grow into adults.

Some snippets from the book!

The Health Kick Book“Despite many interventions, restrictions and tightening of regulations around the advertising of high sugar/high fat foods to children, there are still lots of foods aimed at children that have disproportionately high percentages of sugar for a child’s needs. In my book there are facts and figures around what sugar does to health but also many practical solutions to reduce sugar and change taste buds.”
The Health Kick Book“Making a school lunch fun, appetising and nutritious every day can be a bit challenging, there are some recipe suggestions and ideas in the book just look for the lunch box icon”
The Health Kick Book“Children and adults should aim to eat a rainbow of naturally occurring fruits and vegetables each day. Each naturally occurring colour group has its own jobs to do in the body, so for optimal health we should eat all colours not just our greens! For ideas on including more nutrients, sneaking them in if you need to just look for the hidden veg icon!”

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