As a parent, children and nutrition is a subject that’s very close to my heart. You could be forgiven for thinking that active, playful children are able to consume anything they like, provided they’re ‘burning’ the calories off. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.

“We are all worried about making sure that our children have a healthy, balanced, enjoyable diet. This colourful & easy to read book is a must for anyone with children, or anyone working with children, from schools to grandparents if they are involved in mealtimes! Written by a mum, for other mums, this book will inspire you with ideas as a well as giving you down to earth sensible information. It is bursting with not just the science behind healthy eating and why we should eat the right foods, but it is also packed with brilliant recipes. I highly recommend that you rush out and buy it and listen to Louise being interviewed about her wonderful book on my parenting podcast.

 Sue Atkins ITV ‘This Morning’ parenting expert, author, speaker and broadcaster on How Food Shapes Your Child.