The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

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Author of Cook Book and Child Nutrition Expert

The Health Kick

The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

The Health Kick – Our Offers

Private consultations – Offer

The Health Kick offers one-on-one private consultations. This includes a personal body composition analysis and a personalised nutrition plan for individuals or the whole family.

Group lunches

What better way to learn about nutrition than to experience nutritious, home-cooked food first-hand? The Health Kick Learn over Lunch sessions. These are a fantastic opportunity for families, community groups and business teams. As well as, groups of friends to find out how they can make healthy, lifelong changes.

Health Programmes – Offer

The Health Kick offers a variety of nutritional programmes for women and men including the 21 Day Gut Programme.

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The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

The Health Kick

Author of Cook Book Series – The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Testimonal – Sandy Kaur

“I decided it was time for me to take my health seriously. I’ve always suffered from poor immunity since I was a child a. A visit to the doctors always seemed pointless as they would say the same things about eat your 5 a day and maintain a healthy diet etc etc. All of which I thought I was doing and nothing seemed to help.

I then decided it was time to trial out Louise’s gut programme, if not now then never I though I already feel so energised, full of health and my wellbeing has improved in the first week, I feel a whole lot happier and healthier and know that I am now eating the right foods for my immunity, healthier foods actually becoming foods that I will crave and enjoy.

I cannot recommend Louise more highly, she is fantastic at what she does, extremely knowledgeable, the brain and heart of health, she has a very warm and caring personality (despite the ‘telling offs’) and as my mum put it – “Louise is the health angel in disguise” that I always needed, only if she had come into my life a lot sooner – I may have been much more internally stronger and healthier. Anyway, I am glad that I took my immunity issue seriously and best of all – am now on the right path to improving it for the future instead of complaining about it.”

Sandy Kaur