Obesity ’causes more cases of some cancers than smoking’

Obesity is back in the news today, whenever this happens (and it is often) it is never met with a surge of action from those who need to take it, quite the opposite in fact.  Headlines can scare people further into denial and further away from the health changes they need to take.  I am not a psychologist I don’t fully understand why this is the case but please read on…..

Being in denial will not make the issue go away.  I have said for years that when I talk about obesity I am not ‘fat shaming’ I am not ‘body shaming’.  It is OK for me to say obesity.  Obesity is a serious, complicated and misunderstood medical condition, but it is a medical condition and it is serious.

The news today is making the increased link with cancer.  Those of you who followed my A-Z of Health daily blog posts will have seen these links crop up throughout many of my blogs – take a look here in particular: – https://www.louisemercieca.co.uk/a-z-of-health-c-cancer/

So, what are the headlines saying?

Obesity now causes more cases of four common cancers in the UK than smoking, according to a charity.

Cancer Research UK says bowel, kidney, ovarian and liver cancers are more likely to have been caused by being overweight than by smoking tobacco.

It says millions are at risk of cancer because of their weight and that obese people outnumber smokers two to one.”

Cancer Research UK

The charity Cancer Research UK faces criticism over it’s advertising campaign and in particular this image used on billboards: –

This image has been criticised for fat shaming

Why are people so afraid to mention obesity? I have discussed this, many times, obesity is a serious health condition.  It has many co-morbidities (or disease friends as I call them). Cancer is only one of them but for my campaign on nutrition for future health proofing, we need to address it, obesity needs to be discussed as otherwise the future health problems will be immense.

Obesity is normalised but it is not OK.

I discuss the many complications of obesity in my blog on the subject here: – https://www.louisemercieca.co.uk/a-z-of-health-o-obesity/

As you may be aware a large proportion of the work that I do is on early years nutrition – this stems from seeing the many emotional, habitual and physical issues adults have with food and realising that all of those issues are formed in childhood.

  • If a child has obese parent/s they are more likely to become obese themselves
  • If a child is obese, they are more likely to be an obese adult
  • The cancer risk is increased the longer a person is obese for
  • Children are not exempt from adult issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, Stroke, Joint problems etc.

We cannot hide from this epidemic, and it is an epidemic.

It is anticipated that by 2030 50% of the UK population will be obese.

What toll is that putting on our health?

What financial toll is that putting on the NHS? – as you are aware Type 2 Diabetes is a close friend of obesity and the NHS already spends £1.5million each hour on this preventable condition, there has been a 40% increase in children developing Type 2 in recent years (as young as 8). See blog on Type 2 Diabetes here: –


I am not body shaming.  I am not fat shaming. Obesity is a medical condition and I treat it as one, you would be surprised how little of it is down to the actual food you eat, it is much more complicated than that and that is how I can help!

I am running two summer support packages one to help with children and one to help prevent Type 2 Diabetes.  More information below but limited packages available as I would like to spend some time with my little boy over the summer!

Children and Sugar support package https://www.louisemercieca.co.uk/product/2nd-july-children-and-sugar/

Type 2 Diabetes support package https://www.louisemercieca.co.uk/product/11th-june-type-2-diabetes-how-to-minimise-your-risk-and-understand-why-you-should/

I know you’ll be thinking it can wait until after the summer or I can’t afford it but I always get to people too late because they haven’t been proactive, this makes change much harder and health more complicated.  People then say “I wish I had known you this time last year” You know me now and I can help.

Your health = your future – is it worth having the money, the pension, the house if you don’t have your health?

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A regular contributor on BBC Radio Leicester

Louise Mercieca is a multi award-winning author on children’s nutrition with her book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ winning the Parenting award in Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum awards.  Louise is the host of Early Years TV Food Channel – a channel dedicated to children’s health and nutrition.

Louise has also won a SBS or Small Business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis and was recently crowned as Queen of Child Nutrition in the #Queenof Twitter awards.

Louise has worked as a Nutritional Therapist for 8 years supporting hundreds of clients and does take on a limited number of personal coaching clients each month – contact Louise to discuss this. Louise has also created an accessible and affordable webinar schedule covering many topics discussed in this A-Z post series.

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