Nutrition – it isn’t that important. Right?

I have been pondering of late what it is that makes people blasé about nutrition and have come up with my own hypothesis: –

The excuse I often get is money but this is NEVER the reason. I see people spending money all of the time, on their business, on handbags, holidays, going out, gym memberships, fad diets, eating out (etc etc).  That’s all fine but don’t use money as an excuse.

I often think that people just don’t prioritise their own health, health is something generally taken for granted and, if (when) it goes wrong the NHS will be there to fix it.  Maybe if we had to pay for our own health a bit more, we might be more careful but then that argument is flawed when I consider the USA.

Maybe if you viewed your body the way you view your car or your business you would;

  1. Learn about it
  2. Find out what you can to make it work better
  3. Provide it with fuel/resources to make it work at its best
  4. Fix it when it’s broken.
  5. Invest in it for the future

People spend a lot of money on their businesses, paying for experts to help, buying equipment etc often forgetting that they are part of that business and that their health should be viewed as an investment too.  If you employ people you will pay in one way or another for their ill-health and if you are the business your business will be adversely affected by your own health.

I am focusing on these key words to start with which I feel sum up why society as a whole is in denial about the state of our health


DENIAL – it isn’t really a problem?

  • By 2030 1 in 2 of the UK will be obese – that’s no longer viewed as a problem because obesity is normalised now.
  • Cancer UK have stated that Obesity is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking, we know that cancer diagnosis rates are going up to 1 in 2.
  • The World Health Organisation has redefined malnutrition to mean bad diet. Malnutrition no longer just applies to starvation it applies to the western world. We are obese but malnourished, over fed but under nourished.
  • Scientists predict that this generation of children will not outlive the one before it.
  • The first time in human evolution that lifestyle changes have caused this.
  • Children as young as 8 are getting Type 2 Diabetes, a previously considered adult disease.
  • Children have increased mental health problems.
  • The NHS cannot financially sustain the level of lifestyle diseases and obesity co-morbidities we are creating.

But there is no problem, right?

IGNORANCE It’s easier not to know!

No, I am not calling everyone stupid.  Ignorance is lacking in knowledge, information and awareness. Given how confusing the nutrition world is, it is hardly surprising that many people are ignorant when it comes to food.  I see Personal Trainers, network marketers and weight loss consultants giving extremely bad advice so it isn’t just society in general who is ignorant with nutrition knowledge.

The media also make it very confusing with their misleading and contradictory information so, lack of knowledge and confusing information actually makes it easier to be in denial.

TRUST but who to trust?

Since the launch of the diet industry obesity rates have soared.

People still trust the diet industry.

Change 4 Life campaign will cure obesity, this campaign started in 2009.  Obesity rates have increased since this campaign and there has been a 40% increase in children developing Type 2 Diabetes.

The Sugar Tax will solve everything – no.  The sugar tax has simply inflated prices, increased artificial sweetener intake and made people scared of fruit sugar (not helpful when we are malnourished).

Trust is there, it is just misdirected at the industries who are fuelling obesity (food & diet industry) or trust in the sticking plaster approach of the ‘health campaigns’

APATHY It’s too much effort!

Given all of the above is it any wonder there is a lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern? It just seems too much effort.

I truly believe that in years to come there will be an uproar against the food industry in a similar way to the way Tobacco suddenly became unhealthy.  People will realise the cocktail of chemicals that have been slipping into the food supply for decades.

Exposing this generation of children to a diet incomparable to any previous generation. People will see how the diet industry has made billions out of making people fatter and by this time the sticking plaster ‘health campaign’ will have worn thin and the true cost will be seen.

1 in 2 obese

Where else can we go? How bad does it have to get?

You only have one body, ultimately, it’s the only place you will ever live and the one place you can’t get away from. Treat it nicely, learn about it, look after it. IT after all is you!

If you have read to the end well done for sticking with me now if you would like to know how I can help come and have a chat. I have an award-winning book, I run webinars and I do nutrition coaching. I can help you, we can shape your future.

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