Need a keynote speaker?

Need a keynote speaker?Need a keynote speaker? Well, if the subject is on children’s nutrition then I could be your woman!

Recently I was asked by the International Nanny Desk to attend their two-day training event in Gatwick as their keynote speaker. This was an exciting opportunity for me to talk about early years nutrition to a room full of Nannies and Mannies, from around the world. As well as, teachers and early years influencers.

My aim with nutrition is to make it fun! So of course a vegetable gang came with me and each table had a fruit or vegetable theme! 🍉 🍍 🍊 🍓 🥕 🍌.

Over the course of the two days I led four sessions;

  • Biology, epigenetics, health issues and building a brain (How Food ‘literally’ Shapes Your Child).
  • Neurological links of food.
  • Foods for concentration, mood, sleep and behaviour.
  • Food Quiz (to see if they were listening).

There were lots of other sessions too, making this event exciting, informative and fun. Furthermore, covering issues from helping children deal with divorce, sleep training. Along with, keeping children safe, using essential oils safely and even how to include risky play with some (not so risky) games and interaction!

Why is it so important to cover nutrition as part of your early years training?

Need a keynote speaker?

  • Children’s cognitive development is affected by what and how much they eat.
  • Children are often addicted to sugar. Sugar has many negative health associations.
  • Rewarding or comforting children with food can, and often does lead to emotional eating adults.
  • Government plans to tackle children’s obesity don’t really tackle the root cause of the problem.
  • Children display the same health conditions as an adult with an unhealthy diet. Children under 10 can display high cholesterol, abnormal blood glucose and tooth decay.
  • Food has a huge impact on concentration, IQ, behaviour, mood, anxiety and sleep.

I provide fun and interactive training on how foods impact on children and how this is relevant to early years education and development.

If you run a nursery/pre-school, work with children or train staff to it may be worth considering the huge but often overlooked impact that nutrition has and see just ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’

A copy of my award-winning book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ is available to purchase or copies can be incorporated into delegate training packs.

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