Launching NEW Webinars

Launching NEW WebinarsThose who know me know that I am not particularly technical! So launching into a webinar based teaching style is a bit of a learning curve! I have stepped into this new technological age with my first webinar – ‘Kick Start Your Health’. There was ahem, a slight technical glitch initially! But I have received some great feedback on the content so I am sharing the recording with you.

This webinar is an important eye-opener for anyone on a diet, thinking of going on a diet or eating diet foods! In the webinar I look some truths and myths around weight loss and those who attending left feeling inspired to make some changes and go against previous ways of thinking!

As you know I am very passionate about Early Years Nutrition so you will find two scheduled live webinars on children’s nutrition. The first is on SUGAR, what it is really doing to our health and practical steps to make changes. The second in the Early Years series is on brain development, a highly important subject for children from pregnancy stages through to adulthood.

I hope you will join me on my technological journey!


Webinar Schedule

17th Jan Kick Start Your Health

This webinar looks at how dieting may not be the best option for your health. I explore some of the truths and myths surrounding weight loss and offer some realistic and practical tips to help you to lose weight but, more importantly be healthier and have a more informed view on food.

Please click here for more info and to listen to our latest webinar

5th Feb Early Years Nutrition – SUGAR

In this webinar I look at the impact that sugar has on children’s health and why it is important to really understand what is in the foods our children eat. I will address some of the truths and myths around ‘healthier’ options and offer up practical solutions for reducing sugar.

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25th Feb Early Years Nutrition – Brain Development

In this webinar I will look at the impact that nutrition has in the formative years on children’s developing brains. We will explore some of the essential vitamins and minerals required but often lacking and look at how food impacts on children’s mood, sleep, behaviour, concentration, memory and focus. As ever I will be offering practical solutions for improved nutrition.

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12th March – Food and Mood, what’s the link?

In this webinar I will be looking at how the food we eat can alter our mood, sleep and behaviour. We will look at the foods the body really wants if you find yourself comfort eating. What’s the relationship between the foods we eat and the neurotransmitters they create? I will be offering practical and realistic solutions to help you improve your mood the healthier way.

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