Invited to judge at the 2019 Nourish Awards

I mentioned last week in my blog that I had won one of the Theo Paphitis #SBS (Small Business Sunday) awards!

Following the win there was a frenzy of excitement on my Twitter page and as you may expect I decided to shout about this award across my social media channels!

I popped a post out on LinkedIn and within a day I had been contacted by the organisers of the 2019 Nourish Awards inviting me to be a judge!

Now, if you have read my blogs or followed my social media you will know by now that I am a huge fan of real food! Food that is free from all of the artificial weirdness which, unfortunately goes into a lot of our foods today! A day of eating and drinking healthy foods and recognising producers who value health, this is definitely up my street!!

“Dubbed as the “toughest health food awards” in the UK, Nourish Awards is about to start its second year! Created to celebrate the new generation of health foods in the UK gluten, dairy and refined sugar free (with a few exceptions). Providing businesses recognition they deserve for making truly nutritious foods and help people make better choices and live a healthier life”

In the theme of winning #SBS with Theo Paphitis I was also delighted to see Deborah Meadens’ involvement as a judge at the Nourish Awards 2018, it would appear I was on a bit of a stalk the dragons’ week!

I am very much looking forward to being a judge at these awards in June and championing foods for health!

There will most definitely be more news on these awards in the weeks and months to come!

Next blog – Easter!!

Louise x

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