Louise is the host of this brand new food channel

I love talking about food, I also love getting creative with how to bring food and nutrition to life for adults and children alike.

What better way than to give me my own channel on Early Years TV dedicated to food? The Early Years TV Food Channel is perfect for busy parents who are interested in gaining knowledge on children’s nutrition and how to practically implement some changes.

Primarily though it is aimed at Early Years Professionals, those of you who dedicate your careers to nurturing our children, this resource will help you in your establishment (nursery, pre-school, child-minding service, clubs) to have some fun whilst learning about the importance of formative nutrition.

For those of you who work with children as teachers or support children through sports this is also extremely relevant as my episodes on the Food Channel will cover: –

  • Foods for IQ
  • Foods for athletic performance
  • How to help children to sleep
  • How to deal with mood, behaviour, stress and anxiety
  • Nutritional influences with Autism
Children often have no voice in shaping their future health. Nutrition and lifestyle links for future health include, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Dementia – help children create a heathy future with good formative nutrition.
What issues will the NHS of the future face with the
predicted child health trends?

About the presenter

Louise Mercieca is a multi award-winning author on children’s nutrition with her book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’ winning the Parenting award in Janey Lee Grace’s Platinum awards.

Nutritional Science & Fun recipes

Louise has also won a SBS or Small Business Sunday award from Theo Paphitis and was recently crowned as Queen of Child Nutrition in the #Queenof Twitter awards.

Louise regularly appears in the media and gets invited to speak on Children’s nutrition including at an International Nanny Event and the upcoming British Nanny event.

Louise has been crowned Queen of Child Nutrition

Louise understands food and health but is also Mum to a young son so also appreciates how to engage with small children to bring food to life for them, enabling them to take ownership of their own future health with a life-long healthy relationship with food.

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