Don’t eat it! I haven’t Instagrammed it!!

A little while back people kept mentioning to me that I should be on Instagram. I didn’t like to admit I hadn’t a clue what they were they were talking about so I adopted my polite response in these situations. A ‘smile and nod’!

Fast forward a few months and I got myself an account. However, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with it! So I posted some pictures, unaware of the whole # hashtag phenomenon. As well as, the need to actually take nice photos, as in not really real photos!

Needless to say, I didn’t have much of a following or any interaction. My thoughts around food were to make healthy eating achievable for anyone who is on a budget. Along with the busy! That didn’t mean creating culinary masterpieces which were visually pleasing. In fact anyone who has seen my ‘baking’ will know it is quite the opposite!

I enlisted the support of a technical wizard known to me as Merlin but to everyone else as Marlen from Time to Deleg8 who introduced me to a new magical world of link trees, hashtags, grids, stories and the all-important flat lay.

Instagram - Don’t eat it! I haven’t Instagrammed it!! Instagram - Don’t eat it! I haven’t Instagrammed it!!


Now, this was where I realised, I was going wrong – the flat lay. After I had once again adopted my fall-back smile and nod position, I realised she had a point. I set myself a challenge to up my game with Instagram and change my image, I tried a couple of ways (didn’t work) then eventually bought a strange box that lights up, I believe it may actually be called a light box and took to contorting myself into positions to get the all-important flat lay.

Now I feel I am quite happy with my grid, I know what should go on the grid and what should be a story, I have a colour theme and a pattern to my postings so that my page always looks consistent. Yes, I have to dash away from the kitchen screeching “don’t eat it I haven’t Instagrammed it”, climb upon a chair, place our food and assorted props (usually knitted veg) and position myself into a random hovering position to get the perfect photo of whatever it is we are about to eat. All of this however, seems to work in this strange new Instagram world!

Since I started this new approach, I have gained 200 followers, yes, I am small fry, I am agog at the numbers of some people on there but they are old-timers who were doing all this for years whilst I was blissfully unaware of this world. If snatching a plate away from the table and positioning it in a box amongst knitted veg and balancing on a chair helps me to spread the word then I’m going to do it!!

Come and join me:

If you need a technical wizard in your life – I highly recommend Merlin, I mean Marlen!

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