Diets Don’t Work

Food is there for life, we might as well enjoy it not battle with it

Diets Don't WorkWhat does the word diet mean to you? Technically we all eat a diet but more often than not the term diet has become synonymous with weight loss, cravings, temptation, desire, restrictions and more often than not misery.

So, why do so many people go on a diet? Well, you may think that’s fairly obvious are we not in the midst of an obesity epidemic? Have we not got a huge increase in obesity related co-morbidities? Is the NHS not about at breaking point because of Type 2 Diabetes? Has the UK not just witnessed the first death of a child to be directly attributed to obesity complications? Is the obesity problem not getting worse year on year?

It’s little wonder so many people go on a diet, right?

Well yes. Yes, to all of the above and yet, and yet ALL of those things have happened since the diet industry was launched. Year after year since the 1970’s people have been on diets, the diet industry has boomed, the supermarkets have become full to the brim of diet this, alternative that, sugar free, fat free products. People have made millions from ‘the miracle cure’ this is the one folks, ‘The diet to end all diets’ this is the one that will work. There’s every type of diet book, there’s all manner of clubs and yet, and yet, obesity has also risen year on year since the 1970’s.

Diets Don't WorkThe whole time the diet industry has been making money out of making us thinner the whole of the western world has been getting fatter.

Now I am not afraid to say obesity, obesity is a health concern. It is a concern in children, it’s one of the reasons why I wrote a book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’. It costs a lot of money, its emotionally damaging, it passes on epigenetically and it is a real health concern to many adults.

What obesity isn’t;

• Laziness
• Self-indulgence
• Self-neglect
• Greed

What obesity is;

• Obesity is a medical condition
• Obesity is an extremely complicated mix of issues, emotional and physical
• Obesity is not just to do with what you eat
• Obesity has many co-morbidities

According to the NHS by 2030;

50% of the UK will be classified as obese

So, do we all need to go on a diet?

No. Obesity is a complicated issue, it is actually many issues and restricting calories does not address these issues. When I work on private nutrition consultations I focus on;

• Food diary analysis
• Deficiency checking
• Lifestyle assessment; mood, sleep, stress and anxiety
• Health checks

I carry out blood pressure and body composition analysis to give me a more detailed look at over health and metabolic activity.

If diets worked we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. Yes, you may lose weight in the sort-term but this weight loss may be metabolically damaging, leading to weight gain on completion of the diet and sometimes years of yo-yo dieting.

Diet foods are often full of chemicals, not only do these not aid long term weight loss as they damage your healthy gut microbiome they also add ZERO nutritional benefit.

I am running my next Learn over Lunch on this fascinating, complicated and mis-understood aspect of our modern relationship with food. Here, I will talk you through some of the marketing ploys designed to confuse people and the healthier approach to tackling YOUR lifelong relationship with food.

As usual the Learn over Lunch consists of;

• Healthy 2 course lunch and hot drink.
• Informative expert advice for 2 hours with take-home information.
• Opportunities to ask questions
• Discount voucher of a 1:1 consultation

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