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The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Children and Nutrition
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Children and NutritionAs a parent, children and nutrition is a subject that’s very close to my heart. You could be forgiven for thinking that active, playful children are able to consume anything they like, provided they’re ‘burning’ the calories off. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple…
In reality, childhood obesity is on the rise. It’s currently affecting one in every four school-age children and an enormous 80% of overweight children will become overweight adults.

“Children have under-developed detoxification systems. Processed foods rich in saturated fat, sugar and salt place an additional burden on their system and they struggle to burn it off.”

The Early Bird Study showed that metabolic markers for high cholesterol, abnormal glucose metabolism and high blood pressure were present in overweight children as young as nine. And, it gets worse… Overweight children suffer an increased risk of several nasty health complications.


  • insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • heart disease and fatty liver disease
  • arthritis, joint and breathing issues
  • some forms of cancer

Children and nutritionYour child might not be overweight, but an unhealthy diet has a negative impact on more than weight alone. Research suggests a strong association between poor eating habits, poor behaviour and poor academic performance. It also affects dental health – did you know that a third of five-year-olds and almost half of eight-year-olds have decay in their milk teeth?

Ouch!That’s enough about weight… I should mention malnourishment. Children of any size can suffer from malnourishment. It occurs when diets rich in processed foods and sugar lack naturally occurring micronutrients, depriving children of essential nutrients for their bodies’ development.
Scary stuff, eh?

Don’t worry… I can help!

The Health KickA fresh perspective and a new approach to your family’s nutrition will get your family back on track.

I’ve produced a Cook book that reveals fun, nutritious ideas to boost your family’s health and well-being. My book includes a useful guide on nutrients to help you understand how healthy foods can have a powerful impact on your child’s development.

In the Cook book, I bring to life some of the foods that children crave (not crave in the junk-food sense, rather what their bodies crave) to grow, develop and advance through life.

If you form some healthy, good habits now, you will be providing your children with the greatest possible chance of good health as they grow into adults.Download your free reward chart

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The relationship between food and reward is discussed in the book ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’.

The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

The Health Kick

Author of Cook Book Series – The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

Testimonal – Carrie Short

“I attended a few of Louise’s learn over lunches talks now and I find the food and the information spot on. The most beneficial, for me, has been the talk on sugar. My two children (aged 6 and 4) have autism spectrum disorder and ADHD and our life at home was chaos. Since the talks, we have made a few simple changes and my kids’ sugar intake is now practically zero. Quite simply, Louise has been life changing. The behaviour is now a lot more manageable, we all eat healthier and feel better – and most importantly our house is now calmer and a much happier place to be. I’ve even started taking the kids out to places again!
It’s amazing how such little changes can make such a big impact, and some of it we weren’t even aware of just how bad the products were! I recommend everyone sees Louise and goes to her lunches. Thank you!”

Testimonal - Carrie Short