Children, think of the children!

Preventative nutrition, that is my focus and always has been. There are many instances where food and lifestyle changes can potentially remove the need for medication. It isn’t something that will form much of a discussion with your GP. Most often a prescription will be whipped up without so much as a “how’s your diet?” discussion.

Children, think of the children! - The Health KickLater on, in the year I will be producing my next book all around this subject; the nutritional influences of what we eat on our overall health and how to avoid medication. But for now, my biggest form of preventative health is by getting it right with children!

Children are highly impressionable and parental modelling is key but it is also much easier to train these young, impressionable taste buds the way that you want to, let’s take sugar for example – sugar is highly addictive and once you eat it you become more and more accustomed to it meaning you need more of it to get the same sugar hit. Unfortunately, foods aimed at children (including the very young) are full of sugar so that sweet palate develops from a young age.

The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

There are many health issues associated with this, it isn’t just “oh it’s a treat”.

  1. It forms a genuine addiction
  2. It creates an expectation of synthetic sweet things (natural sweet things won’t hit the spot for them once they expect synthetic sweetness)
  3. Devoid of any notable nutrients
  4. Alters brain chemistry
  5. Can adversely affect cognitive development
  6. Very bad for gut microbiome
  7. Impacts on mood, behaviour and sleep
  8. Studies show that children display the same health conditions as adults including abnormal blood glucose and raised cholesterol

Now sugar isn’t the only issue with foods targeting children but it is the main one. When it comes to addressing the best preventative health for children it is via the foods they eat and the lifestyle they lead. Children cannot simply burn off excess calories – the reason why children are getting heavier and unhealthier now is due to a combination of movement and nutrition but the foods we eat now are very different to the foods available 40/50 years ago and THAT is what makes the big difference.

For a more thorough and detailed look at nutrition for children check out my book;

How Food Shapes Your Child

“If you form some healthy, good habits now, you will be providing your children with the greatest possible chance of good health as they grow into adults.”

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