Hi I’m Louise, one thing I hate is seeing people suffer when I know I can help! I help to prevent, reverse and manage lifestyle health conditions by supporting you with your relationship with food.  Quite simply, I explain how food shapes your current and future health.

Owner of The Health Kick

Nutritional Therapist

Award winning author of How Food Shapes Your Child

My aim is to let you know enough about the foods we eat and the impact this has on your body and our children’s to enable you to make informed choices for the rest of your life.

    • No more diets

    • No more restrictions

    • In control of emotional eating

    • Children understanding the importance of food and health

  • How your body and mind work with/against the foods you eat.

The easiest way to work with me is to buy my book 

I also have a webinar schedule to talk you through nutritional subjects in more detail and give you practical advice – Take a look at my webinars

I offer more comprehensive support via my membership packages and 1:1 consultations, these can be face to face or remote depending on your location and budget.