The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

The Health Kick - Nutrition and Fitness expert based in Leicestershire

Author of Cook Book and Child Nutrition Expert

The Health Kick

The Health Kick – Healthy Inside, Healthy Outside

The Health Kick
Nutrition and Fitness expert based in Leicestershire

I’m Louise Mercieca, your personal nutrition expert. Through The Health Kick, I share my passion for nutritional, tasty food, exercise and gut health. Whilst working as a Personal Trainer and Group Instructor, I became fascinated with the link between athletic performance and food.
And I LOVE food!
So, I studied Clinical Nutrition and Life Sciences to become a nutrition expert, and I established The Health Kick in 2012. As a parent, a passionate runner and a self-proclaimed foodie, my mission is to arm fellow parents and those interested in healthy eating, as well as exercise lovers, with a foundation of knowledge about the types of food that promote good health. In my private consultations, group lunches, programmes and my books, I reveal simple, nutritional secrets to improve your health and well-being for the long term.

I will help you make healthy nutritional choices that will you last you for the rest of your life – no more yo-yo dieting or fads.

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As a parent myself …

I know that meal times can be a struggle, particularly when children can be squeamish about vegetables and ‘healthy food’. However, healthy family meals can be colourful and fun! All it takes is a fresh approach. Through my book, I share my simple lifestyle tweaks and nutritious, tasty recipes for your family to enjoy.

Looking to improve your diet?

A sustained poor diet can have some nasty affects on your physical and mental health. Imagine how much better you could feel after making some simple changes to your diet? Perhaps you’re looking for tasty, healthy food ideas to complement an already active lifestyle? My group sessions, programmes & consultations offer simple solutions.

Are you a yo-yo dieter?

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Weight-loss plans and fad diets tend to offer a quick-fix and often fail. Why not choose life-long, healthy and appetising solutions instead? With tailored advice and my book, you will discover a love of nutritious, homecooked food, which will help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Testimonal – Natalie Rew

“If you need any form of nutritional guidance, Louise at the Health Kick is your gal!
Louise is super passionate about encouraging children and adults to make healthier food choices. I feel honoured to have met her.”

Natalie Rew